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Mike Birbiglia Has A Point

Something struck me while I was listening to Mike Birbiglia’s interview on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn (check out the show if you haven’t already).  One of the final things that Mike and Jesse ended up discussing was in regards to becoming an artist/getting into show business for the right and wrong reasons.  That said, Mike did make a good point.

Initially, you do try to become an artist for purely surface reasons.  You might be a guy that’s trying to get girls, or a girl that’s trying to get guys, but aren’t accepted like that in the traditional sense.  So, you find that you can either sing or rap or make the people laugh that you’re trying to get accepted by.  At some point, when you realize it’s something you want to become successful at; you end up feeling a bit in over your head and re-evaluating your motives, due in part to how many more hours you’d have to dedicate yourself to it than you thought it would take (due in part to discovering the people that are the best at what you’re wanting to do).

Finally, there comes that point where you can’t quit, and find something different to do.  Simply put, you’ve invested so much time and effort, and indoctrinated yourself into the very field within show business that you want to succeed in, bailing out isn’t an option. 

Find the right reasons for why you want to get into showbiz; and if you work hard enough, you will end up getting everything you were initially seeking and then some.

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    Friggin…this is what I think about every day. So thankful for Bullseye.
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    Your thoughts, America? Here’s the interview, if you haven’t heard it.
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